RSS Feed Available Again

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RSS Feed Available Again

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I have installed the "Simple Syndication" add-on to phpBB3 to provide RSS or Atom feeds. Once you visit a page, you can subscribe to "Live Bookmarks" using your favorite browser or RSS utility. Usage is

Code: Select all

Where FORUM is a number indicating the Forum AND
          NUMBER_OF_MESSAGES is how many messages to show

Forum "fid's" are"

1 = From the management
2 = Elvis Costello General Discussion
3 = Tin Pan Alley
4 = Photo Gallery
5 = The Annex
6 = Trading Post
Example RSS feed for the last ten 10 from "From the management" ... 1&count=10

Be warned -- there a LOT of posts in The Board's archive and it is possible to craft a query with such a large set of output that the server gives up. I increased the limits but at 30 seconds of CPU time, I decided to warn you folks. Any reasonable RSS use won't see this.

If there are questions or issues, just ask.

Enjoy and thanks for supporting The Board with your posts, Amazon purchases and PayPal donations.
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