Unfortunate Backlog of Account Registration Attempts

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Unfortunate Backlog of Account Registration Attempts

Post by DrSpooky »

We apparently have a fairly large backlog of account registration attempts on the Board. Almost all of them appear to be spam account attempts but at least one is from a human since they emailed to wonder what had happened. Michele is plowing through them now and all but the one who emailed so far are spam. :(

I wanted to apologize and let everyone know what was going on. Apparently, about a month ago, the emails which are sent when someone registers for an account began to go into the spam folder. And when we looked in the spam folder, it looks like about a week after that, they are not even there. I have no idea why this started to happen and if they are being delivered at all right now.

Our daughter's wedding is this evening and she is doing her best to get through them before we clean up and head to the wedding.

Things break. Even though the Forum is a completely volunteer effort and labor of love, we do try. If you ever don't get a response in a reasonable length of time, ping the admin email. But be polite. :)
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Re: Unfortunate Backlog of Account Registration Attempts

Post by sweetest punch »

No need for apologies!
We can' t thank you both enough for all you are doing.
But first thngs first: your daughter's wedding is much more important than this forum right now.
All the best to your daughter and new son in law!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!
Since you put me down, it seems i've been very gloomy. You may laugh but pretty girls look right through me.
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