Tickets for Santa Rosa 03/12

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Tickets for Santa Rosa 03/12

Postby Misha » Thu Mar 04, 2004 9:03 pm

Hiya All...

That really cool roommate of mine got me better tickets than I had...

So, I have three...yep...three tickets for face value.

They are...
Section C Row G Seat 14 $ 42.00--you will be sitting next to me..!!

Section DD Row E, seats 15 & 16.---you are in the back row on the balcony....$ 62.00 each.

I am not charging handling fees or any of that crap.

Just want the tickets to go to a good home....and didn't want to ebay...

I'll keep them until Saturday...then I'll ebay....or Craigslist em.

Pm me if you want...

I'm going to post them on EC listserv, too......
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