Secret show: 9/15/2017

Pretty self-explanatory
The Gentleman
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Secret show: 9/15/2017

Postby The Gentleman » Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:53 pm

On Twitter, Kitten Kuroi wrote:

Had the honor of singing with Elvis for Charlie Rose, Tim Cook, Gayle King, George Lucas, Mellody Hobson & many other legends tonight.

She discusses it a bit more in a video on her Facebook page. Sadly, details of what was performed are "top secret" (her phrase in response to a question).

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And No Coffee Table
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Re: Secret show: 9/15/2017

Postby And No Coffee Table » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:02 pm

Link to Kitten Kuroi's Facebook video: ... 164430762/

Brian Grazer also tweeted about attending and apparently had something about it on his Instagram, but the latter link seems to be dead.

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Re: Secret show: 9/15/2017

Postby docinwestchester » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:05 pm

"George Lucas....not Michael McDonald"


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Re: Secret show: 9/15/2017

Postby sweetest punch » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:32 pm

Kitten says it was for a Charlie Rose event!
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