E.C./A.T., New Orleans , July 18

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E.C./A.T., New Orleans , July 18

Postby johnfoyle » Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:48 pm

Little has yet emerged about the closing night of this tour. Some listservers were there and will , hopefully, let us know about it.

After one of the Beacon show's last week Elvis was given a bumper sticker ; thos lone comment from last night reports -
( extract)

The back of EC's "Elvis" guitar (the acoustic with the Elvis sticker, that is) now sports ( listerver) John O's patented "Forget Iraq, Rebuild New
Orleans" bumper sticker!

How cool is that?

It was 3 hours 10 minutes and transcendent - more to follow.

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Postby charliestumpy » Thu Jul 20, 2006 1:41 am

Torrent #104281 Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint 07/18/2006 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
Torrent file elviscostello2006-07-18.neworleans.flac.torrent (will be personalized for you upon download)
Downloads as elviscostello2006-07-18.neworleans.flac
Info hash 8a5bcd5320d7473eeeb6ea44b2b6486f594aba9a
Description Elvis Costello & The Imposters
w/ Allen Toussaint & The Crescent City Horns

New Orleans, LA
@ House of Blues French Quarter

Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Battery Box > Sony MZ-RH1 (PCM Mode)

Transfer: Sony MZ-RH1 > USB > Dell XPS 140 > SonicStage 4.0 > Wave > CDWave > Flac (6)

Setlist: Per the actual setlist

Peace Love and Understanding (static and distortion: I was fumbling with my recorder and mics; getting positioned)
Monkey to Man
On Your Way Down
A certain Girl
Tears, Tears, and More Tears
Tear Before Bedtime
Poisoned Rose
Broken Promise Land
Freedom For the Stallion
The River in Reverse
Who's Gonna Help Brother
Nearer to You
Wonder Woman

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
Brickyard Blues
Wathing the Detectives (disc swap)
Episode of Blonde
Pump it up
Big Chief Variations
Ascencion Day/ American TUne
I can't Stand Up
High Fidelity
Get Out My Life Woman
International Echo
The Greatest Love (disc swap > encore)

Six-Fingered Man
That's How you Got Killed
Yes We Can
Shoo-Rah Shoo-Rah
Slipping and Sliding
The Sharpest Thorn

download a sample of this recording here: > http://www.dajmno.com
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Postby johnfoyle » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:14 am

http://www.nola.com/music/t-p/index.ssf ... xml&coll=1

Times Picayune, LA

Farewell flourish

Costello and Toussaint end their musical partnership on a high note

Thursday, July 20, 2006
By Keith Spera
Music writer

What, no "Born to Run"?

To mark the final night of their five-week North American tour, Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint presided over a Tuesday night epic at the House of Blues that recalled Bruce Springsteen's indefatigable heyday. The marathon three-hour and 10-minute performance capped off -- and realized the full potential of -- the duo's post-Katrina partnership.

Backed by a seamless synthesis of their respective bands -- Toussaint's guitarist and horn section grafted onto Costello's Imposters -- they rendered most of "The River in Reverse," their joint Verve Records album, and recast Costello chestnuts with intriguing new arrangements by Toussaint.

At this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Costello made a brief appearance as a special guest of Toussaint's band. By reversing that dynamic, their collaboration hit its stride. Neither ceded his identity to complement the other.

Toussaint is a reluctant frontman; Costello relishes the spotlight. So Toussaint was in his element at the side of the House of Blues stage, dressing up arrangements with elegant flourishes on a grand piano, as Costello stood and sang front and center.

Both are legendarily prolific songwriters. "Allen has written 450,000 songs," Costello joked. "I'm catching up with him. I've written 350,000, including 17 since we arrived here this afternoon."

They dove into their respective, and joint, catalogs. Costello laced "Broken Promise Land" with a jagged guitar solo, then set aside the guitar to plead "Freedom for the Stallion." They revived "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror," their collaboration from Costello's 1989 "Spike" album, and navigated the tricky topography of Toussaint's "Yes We Can Can."

The Crescent City Horns -- "all the way from right here," Toussaint cracked -- generated their own atmosphere with backing vocals, synchronized steps and brass. "Big" Sam Williams' trombone charge razzed "Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further," as on the record. But his cohorts also distinguished themselves, from Amadee Castenell's flute intro to "Alison" to "Breeze" Cayolle's baritone sax to Joe "Fox" Smith's ever-present trumpet. Together, they overlaid Costello's "(I Don't Want to Go To) Chelsea" with ska tones, spun his "Poisoned Rose" into a pure New Orleans rhythm and blues ballad and pumped up "Pump It Up."

Imposters keyboardist Steve Nieve's Hammond B-3 organ dueled with Toussaint's piano in "Nearer to You." Drummer Pete Thomas and bassist Davey Faragher found common ground between rock and funk. Toussaint guitarist Anthony Brown chimed in alongside them.

In the first encore, Toussaint delivered a solo piano discourse on "Tipitina," imagining the Professor Longhair classic in multiple settings. In the night's emotional climax, he rested his hands on his heart to quietly sing Paul Simon's "American Tune" against a soft cushion of Nieve's organ and Costello's acoustic guitar. "I don't know a soul who's not been battered/I don't have a friend who feels at ease/I don't know a dream that's not been shattered or driven to its knees," sang Toussaint, who lost his house in Gentilly. "But it's all right, for we lived so well so long/Still, when I think of the road we're traveling on, I wonder what's gone wrong."

His partnership with Costello has afforded him more national attention than he's received in decades. And Costello's proximity to an artist he has long admired has invigorated him, prompting his entry into a world of music he has always enjoyed.

As the show neared its conclusion, Costello wondered whether he'd ever share a stage with as fine a gentleman as Toussaint. Their time together, he said, had been "a privilege." As it was for those who witnessed its conclusion.

. . . . . . .

Music writer Keith Spera can be reached at kspera@timespicayune.com or (504) 826-3470.

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Postby King Hoarse » Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:36 am

If you haven't downloaded anything off this tour yet, go for the above!

The sound is excellent and I can't imagine a show I'd rather have been at.
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Postby verbal gymnastics » Fri Jul 21, 2006 4:54 am

Absolutely - what a great set list.

Anybody fancy sending me a copy given my complete computer illiteracy?
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Postby johnfoyle » Thu Jul 27, 2006 3:38 pm

Elvis' PR people have posted this -

http://www.shorefire.com/artists/ecoste ... 21_06.html

July 21, 2006

Costello Caps ‘River In Reverse’ Run with Big Easy “Epicâ€

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