EC Dec 9 1977 The Paradise Boston WBCN FM B'cast

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EC Dec 9 1977 The Paradise Boston WBCN FM B'cast

Postby martinfoyle » Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:53 pm ... ?id=185468

this has rapidly become my favorite Costello show.

it's not perfect, but it's fun, loud, gritty, and it's got lots of BALLS.
i'll take that over perfect all day long.

December 9, 1977
Boston, Ma.
Paradise Theatre
Early show

Source: WBCN FM Broadcast
Matrix FM> Sony R2R @ 7.5 ips no Dolby
MR> Akai 6X4000-D> HHB CDR830> CD Wave
EAC> Audacity(slight signal amp.)> TLH(L.6, verify, create checksum)> flac

01. Pump It Up
02. The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes
03. Waitin' For the End of the World >
04. There's No Action
05. Less Than Zero
06. The Beat
07. Roadette Song (Ian Dury)
08. Big Tears (Mean Nothing When You're Lying In Your Coffin)
09. Radio Radio
10. You Belong To Me
11. Lipstick Vogue >
12. Watching the Detectives


source recorded and transferred by allsoundz
polishing and compression/seed by shacklyn75

notes: SBD adjustments thru 1:00 of track 01
minor mix adjustments throughout

allsoundz was kind enough to offer this for circulation.
as with previous sources, this is an AMAZING capture of a historic event.
started in 1968, WBCN (Boston Concert Network) was an early landmark of
"free-form radio" incorporating many live broadcasts from the Boston area halls.
allsoundz had the foresight to flip the switch on that reel deck and now,
more than 30 years later, you get to hear this powerful performance.

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Re: EC Dec 9 1977 The Paradise Boston WBCN FM B'cast

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