Elvis Costello - Riverside 31/01/1986 - FLAC

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Elvis Costello - Riverside 31/01/1986 - FLAC

Postby ReadyToHearTheWorst » Thu Oct 20, 2005 7:19 am


Elvis Costello, solo @ The Riverside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK 31 Jan 1986.
A nice, intimate, audience recording.

Elvis was appearing on The Tube (filmed in the nearby studios of Tyne Tees TV)
along with Billy Bragg and others in town for the 'Red Wedge Tour'.

Someone from The Riverside had the bright idea to approach these illustrious
neighbours and coax a free performance 'for the kids'.

The first to turn up was Elvis, hence his comment right at the start "I don't
know where the f@ck the others are".

Apparently, when the others did turn up they only wanted to talk politics,
which didn't go down too well.

BTW - he introduces Don't Let me be misunderstood as "a North Eastern folk song"
because it had been a hit for local boys The Animals, many moons previous.

- Shipbuilding
- Little Palaces
- End of the Rainbow (Richard Thompson)
- Oliver's Army
- My Youngest Son (Traditional)
- Everyday I Write the Book
- Alison
- Pump it Up

Thanks to Steve (who was there) for the above info and artwork (included).

Received in a trade some while ago,
ripped from CDR to wav by EAC (secure mode, offset correction),
encoded to flac by Trader's Little Helper, absolutely no SBEs.

Share & Enjoy.
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Re: Elvis Costello - Riverside 31/01/1986 - FLAC

Postby Man out of Time » Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:00 am

Article from Q Magazine in March 1996, reprinted in The Guardian in April 2015, refers to this show. Billy Bragg explains the circumstances surrounding the show thus:

" Bragg: Newcastle was heaven and hell. The best gig but the worst day. Right through the tour we had constant problems with the extremists, like our friends in the Young Socialists. They would make promises, without bothering to tell us, that Red Wedge acts would perform in various halls and community centres and so on in the afternoons before the gigs. Then, at the last minute, we’d find out and have to rush off to save their bacon.

Some clown promised the Riverside Club in Newcastle that Red Wedge bands would play there at lunchtime. The poor bloke running the hall ended up with 500 restless Geordies starting to turn a bit grim, and no sign of an act. As it happened, Elvis Costello was playing on The Tube that day, which was done in studios in Newcastle, so somebody had the wit to run round and ask him if he’d come and do something. He had nothing to do with Red Wedge but, God bless him, he went along there and played, probably because he knew there’d be a riot if he didn’t."


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