Selling off my collection... First Up, VHS

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Selling off my collection... First Up, VHS

Postby History Repeats » Thu May 05, 2022 12:13 pm

Hello Fellow Elvis Fans

After collecting for over 43 years, I am selling-off my entire music and Elvis Costello collection – this includes memorabilia, cassettes, VHS tapes, live CDs, LPs, 45s, etc., etc…

Over the next few months, as I go through the dozens of boxes and thousands of items accumulated over the years---and moved with me from home to home, storage facility to storage facility -- I will be selling-off aspects in “lots”, not individual items.
Of paramount importance to me is finding good homes for these items, while receiving some compensation.

First-up is a lot of VHS tapes.

Included in this lot are the following:
- A Case for Song (released)
- Various late night appearances (Kimmel, Leno, Letterman, etc...)
- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2003)
- On tour 1979 (I think this is 20/20 footage and outtakes)
- South Hall Special (I think this must be south bank show…)
- Imperial Bedroom live 82
- George Jones show
- CW Post 89 (Nick Lowe from this show as well)
- The Juliet Letters (released)
- Live in Japan '86 (w confederates)
- Various others…

Am looking for $30. for the entire lot, plus shipping…if you are in NYC metro area, I can deliver in person.

I don’t have more detail, as I don’t have a VCR…just going by labels…

Let me know if interested.

Other artists being sold-off similarly are: Springsteen, Led Zep, The Who, Stones, Bowie, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, The Clash, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Various Jazz, Blues, etc… inquire if interested


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