Paul Buchanan (Blue Nile) - "Mid Air"

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Paul Buchanan (Blue Nile) - "Mid Air"

Postby the_roofdog » Tue May 29, 2012 6:54 am

This crept up on me, I didn't even know he was working on a solo record so I haven't got round to hearing it yet. Wondering if anyone on the board has? ... -blue-nile

Engineered by the son of Blue Nile producer Calum Malcolm, Mid Air was mostly recorded in Buchanan's flat, working "civilised hours" over a couple of years. Half-joking, he likens the process to Ted Hughes's "sacred trance": the songs appeared almost by accident while he was "banging away" in an attempt to come up with something for Garbage singer Shirley Manson, who had approached him to collaborate on her – as yet unmade – solo record. "Shirley is lovely and I really wanted to get what she wanted, but nothing came out of it in the end. It was only when I looked back I thought, I've got all these little things that I've just noted and put to one side."

He was writing from emotional necessity rather than any commercial impetus. "At no point did I think I was making a record. It never occurred to me that anybody else would listen to it. Looking back, that was a great thing. That unselfconscious quality becomes more elusive as you go on making music, so it's nice to be brought back to that very simple expectation. It was almost like starting out again. I wasn't deliberately making a record of fulfilling a contract. There's a joy and innocence in that."

I'm assuming the author here is the same Graeme Thomson who wrote 'Complicated Shadows' (and the Kate Bush one that I keep meaning to get round to). For my money 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' and 'Hats' are untouchable, almost perfect records, and the second two aren't bad either. Saw them at Somerset House a few years ago, I think that's the last time they officially did anything together.

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Re: Paul Buchanan (Blue Nile) - "Mid Air"

Postby Otis Westinghouse » Tue May 29, 2012 6:34 pm

Saw him on Later and enjoyed it (as I did with most of the recent season, consistently excellent). Have never listened to Blue Nile much. Categorised in my head with Talk Talk. Never really got exposed to them or into them. Like what I know.

Yep, same GT.
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