Bossa Nova Happy 50th!

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Bossa Nova Happy 50th!

Postby Jack of All Parades » Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:43 pm

Roughly 50 years ago this genre arrived and what seemed a gently rhythmic melody with its lilting piano and guitar and later the added whoosh of a tenor sax has continued to hold sway in my household-whenever cleaning is going on I can know because Astrud Gilberto will be drifting through the air along with the dust as the cloth is rubbing a piece of furniture or the mop is sweeping across the floor-it has been a teaching tool for my daughters at the piano and a way for them to bond with their grandfather as he did some conducting and arranging for Ms. Gilberto-for me it is the most stress relieving of music-when I am bugging out I can pop on Jobim and feel the blood pressure measurably drop as the melody takes over-that it still sells is evident-I have only to play Bebel Gilberto or Mrs. EC's latest effort-"Quiet Nights" as proof of this-when I am in a romantic mood with the Mrs, I only need to conjure "So Nice" or "Corcovado"[which is my all time favorite as a samba song or any song for that manner]-this is music along with Bach's "Two and Three Part Inventions" which makes me glad to be alive.
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Re: Bossa Nova Happy 50th!

Postby Mr. Average » Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:10 am

You're kidding, right? Tell me you are joking.
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