rain dance

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rain dance

Postby costellopunk » Wed Jul 09, 2003 5:59 am

i count after the flash of lightning
1 mississippi
2 mississippi
3 mississippi
4 mississ- thunder

4 miles away

i'm still such a kid when we get a storm

live in south texas long enough
you learn how to pray for rain

and when it does rain
you should be a part of it

so i run outside
to catch my death

everybody looking at me
like i'm crazy

it's just water

i want this

let it clean me
let it soak into me
just feel the water
dripping from my hair
into my eyes

running down my arms
down my fingers

i form little puddles in my palms

i'm trying to cool off

i've spent too much time
burning myself clean

the street lights of my cul-de-sac
all have yellow circles around them
these little halos of light
making them holy

the weather vane on my neighbor's house
reflects the light
as it spins around
spelling something out in morse code

the wind had picked up to the point where it's
hard to walk standing straight
you have to lean into it

not easy when you're a bit tipsy
but pretty fun

i spin in circles
and the let the wind
do whatever it wants with me

i signal to the others

i want everyone to come join me
please, don't leave my by myself
everyone needs to share in this
this feeling
this rain dance

let's forget everything for a minute

let's be kids again

let's be immortal tonight
caught in the storm

let's let this be meaning enough
for one night
-it takes a long time but god dies too/but not before he sticks it to you-

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