My ELVIS COSTELLO Collection....

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My ELVIS COSTELLO Collection....

Postby boxbro » Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:30 pm


Long time EC fan, but first time visiting this forum...I thought I'd post a link to photos of my music memorabilia collection, which includes lots of rare EC vinyl, posters, live gigs on dvd/cd, photos, signed items, etc...

For pictures of some of the items in my collection, visit : ... D=28223021

I have some questions about specific items in my EC collection that I'll probably put in separate posts later and see if any other collectors might be able to help clarify....

I also have been filming/recording/collecting live shows for 18+yrs and have thousands listed on my live music site for trading. That site is :

Here are the ELVIS COSTELLO gigs I have on DVD and/or CD :

Elvis Costello - A Case For Song 6/16/1996 75min Pro shot Japanese import. Awesome show!!! A must!!!! Video 5/5
Elvis Costello - Letterman Show, NYC 1986 11min pro shot "Pads, Paws & Claws / Leave My Little Kitten Alone" + interview
Elvis Costello - The Juliet video 1993 53min
Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet. Pro Shot music & interviews video
Elvis Costello - Very Best of EC & The Attractions 1977 - 1986 UK Import on Demon Video. 21 music videos Pro Shot video
Elvis Costello - 20/20 Outtakes 1978 120min Features backstage, live and tourbus footage. EC w/Geraldo... video
Elvis Costello - Montreux Jazz Festival 7/22/1980 60min Pro Shot Video
Elvis Costello - Southbank Show 11/8/1981 55min The making of the "Almost Blue" album...German with subtitles. Pro Shot
Elvis Costello - Pier 84, NYC 8/30/1982 110min EC & Attractions on Imperial Bedroom
Elvis Costello - Royal Court, Liverpool England 12/9/1986 150min
Elvis Costello - CW Post College, NY 4/11/89 135min
Elvis Costello - Sessions At West 54th Street 1997 10min Elvis Joins Ron Sexsmith on shot video
Elvis Costello - Beacon Theatre, NYC 8/2/1995 105min EC & Attractions 1st night of public rehearsals for ATUB album. Video
Elvis Costello - Promo video for Dirty Dozen Brass Band w/ EC 6/27/90 "That's how you got killed before" Rare. Video
Elvis Costello - David Letterman Show, NYC 1994 EC with Attractions "Kinder Murder"
Elvis Costello - David Letterman Show, NYC 1997 Elvis & Deborah Harry duet with the Jazz Passengers.
Elvis Costello - David Letterman Show, NYC 1997 Elvis & Burt Bacharach w/ Orchestra on "God Give Me Strength"
Elvis Costello - David Letterman Show, NYC 11/18/1997 4min "So Like Candy" acoustic...
Elvis Costello - David Letterman Show, NYC 1998 6min
Elvis Costello - Regis & Kathy Lee Show September 1998 video
Elvis Costello - Live Performance with Burt Bacharach April 1998 2 Songs Plus writing and rehearsal shot video
Elvis Costello - Sessions At West 54th Street 11/1998 60min Pro Shot Concert & interviews video
Elvis Costello - David Letterman Show July 1999 4min Pro Shot...."She" video
Elvis Costello - American Music Awards 1/11/1999 4min pro shot...."Toledo" video
Elvis Costello - Griffiss Airforce Base, Rome NY 6/24/1999 4min "What's so funny bout peace, love & understanding?" pro
Elvis Costello - Regis & Kathy Lee Show July 1999 "She" live performance and interview video
Elvis Costello - Tonight Show 9/29/1999 5min "Forty Five" pro shot + interview video
Elvis Costello - SNL 25th Anniversary Show October 1999 5min "Radio Radio" with the Beastie shot video
Elvis Costello - Letterman 2002 performance tv

Elvis Costello - David Letterman Show, NYC 3/3/1989 Song And Interview audio
Elvis Costello - Live At The El Mocambo 1977 live in Canada audio
Elvis Costello - Flip City Demos 1976 Demo tape of Elvis' early band. Audio
Elvis Costello - 50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong 1977 rare outtakes, demos, and live show audio
Elvis Costello - Live Vol.1 - Unauthorized 12/5/1977 live @ Agora Theatre in Cleveland OH audio
Elvis Costello - Crawlin' Through The USA 1978 2 shows--2/7/78 in Berkeley CA and 3/3/78 in New York audio
Elvis Costello - I've just come from California 1978 2 shows--2/9/78 in Oregon and 2/10/78 in Seattle audio
Elvis Costello - The Last Foxtrot 6/7/1978 live at Winterland in San Francisco CA audio
Elvis Costello - Heatwave 8/23/1980 live at Mosport park / raceway in Canada audio
Elvis Costello - Live At Mud Island 9/2/1983 live in Memphis TN with Horns!! Audio
Elvis Costello - The Gangster is Back 9/7/1983 live in Austin TX with horns!! Audio
Elvis Costello - Elvis Costello Goes To Paris And The Attractions Don't 11/26/1984 live on 1st solo tour in Paris France audio
Elvis Costello - This Is Tomorrow 11/23/1986 live on Blood and Chocolate tour audio
Elvis Costello - Spectacular Spinning Songbook show 10/4/1986 live @ Beverly Theatre in CA w/ Tom Waits
Elvis Costello - April's Fool 4/1/1989 Elvis solo at University of Rhode Island audio
Elvis Costello - Elvis Costello with Nick Lowe 4/11/1989 solo on "13 1/2 Original Sins" tour in Stony Brook, New York audio
Elvis Costello - Live At Glastonbury June 1994 live at Glastonbury festival in England audio
Elvis Costello - Buddy Holly On Acid 1994 Elvis speaks Italian the whole time!! audio
Elvis Costello - I Never Talked To Jim Reeves November 1994 live in Europe on Brutal Youth tour audio
Elvis Costello - I did talk to Bob Dylan ; Opening act for Bob Dylan. audio
Elvis Costello - Deep Dead Blue 6/25/1995 Elvis and Bill Frisell live @ Meltdown Festival audio
Elvis Costello - "All This Useless Beauty" Rehearsal tape 8/2/1995 Entire 8/2/1995 show + excerpts from 8/3,4,6,7/1995
Elvis Costello - Later Special With Elvis Costello 6/16/1996 BBC Broadcast. Same as "A Case For Song" video. audio
Elvis Costello - Live Beacon Theatre NYC 8/12/1996 "All This Useless Beauty" tour audio
Elvis Costello - Live in Nagoya, Japan 9/15/1996 The very last show with the Attractions. audio
Elvis Costello - The Greek Theatre, Berkeley CA 8/30/1996 audio
Elvis Costello - Plugging the Gaps Vol.1 N/A Collection of demos, compilation cuts, live, b-sides, etc... audio
Elvis Costello - Plugging the Gaps Vol.2 N/A More of the same…audio
Elvis Costello - Overview Disc 1995 Career retrospective interview with EC audio
Elvis Costello - Paramount Theatre, Seattle WA 2/10/1978 audio
Elvis Costello - Boston, MA 4/18/1984 1st Solo tour audio
Elvis Costello - Sweetwater Saloon in Mill Valley, CA 4/29/1989 Great Jam session with Jerry Garcia, and more... audio
Elvis Costello - Tower Theatre, Philadelphia PA 1983 King Biscuit Broadcast audio
Elvis Costello - A New Year For The Roses 12/31/1981 At Palladium, NYC. Rare Country Set For Almost Blue Album audio
Elvis Costello - Live At The Palomino 2/16/1979 Live @ Palomino in North Hollywood, CA audio
Elvis Costello - "Off The Record" with Mary Turner 1980 Westwood One radio show with music / interviews audio
Elvis Costello - Live on Japanese TV show 1980 audio
Elvis Costello - Elvis Costello And The Confederates - 1986 Live On Broadway. Out of Print 2nd disc from King Of America
Elvis Costello - Live on WNEW-FM New York. 2/11/1986 4min "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" live from promo-only LP. audio
Elvis Costello - Warner Bros. Presents Words & Music 1994 Promo CD for Brutal Youth w/music & interviews. Made for Radio
Elvis Costello - Out Of Out Idiot 1987 70min Collection of Costello songs recorded under pseudonyms. UK import audio

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Re: My ELVIS COSTELLO Collection....

Postby thenewsoftshoe » Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:28 pm

I need the Southbank documentary on Almost Blue!

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Re: My ELVIS COSTELLO Collection....

Postby boxbro » Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:00 pm

Sure thing....send me an email via my website :



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