Elvis Costello Manitoba Playhouse 1978

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Elvis Costello Manitoba Playhouse 1978

Postby johnfoyle » Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:41 pm

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Posted by eugene osudar, winnipeg 01/31/09

Elvis Costello Manitoba Playhouse 1978

last of the lipstick vogue/
daddy live wire!

i never flicked a bic
at a concert
i’ve never owned
a lighter

my most
(im)memorable concert
was back in 1978
i was fifteen

elvis costello and
the attractions

you see
some time
in 1977

a dj on cjum
university radio
where musical freedom
and democracy
he coupled
elvis costello
bon scott’s

talk about high

and i was hooked
i was done
addicted to whatever
this was

i didn’t know
punk rock
i didn’t know
new wave
i didn’t hear
a difference
to their passionate

the attractions
the angry young men
and the angrier
young men behind them!

from england
from australia

they were rockers
the music breathed
the music screamed
holy fuck,
“move, young man, move!”

it was november
and i remember
my heart leaping
my lungs breathing
immense gulps of
cold air
electrified out
of the playhouse
with my friend
ross as we breezed
from the downtown
through the north end
to our middle class
homes in weskay
never mind the bus
never mind that bullocks
we were ready for the new

this is what i remember
(hand in hand)
we (all) sat in our seats
cuz we didn’t know
that we could get up
and storm
the stage
we were traumatized
(living in paradise)
by the conformity system
(blame it on cain)

they were all so skinny
(miracle man)
now they’re twice the size

it was one song after another
machine gun style
(little triggers)
attacking us
i was twisting and squirming
in my seat
foot tapping
heart pounding the bass
bruce thomas
pete thomas
deep thump
rattling ribcage
this year’s girl!
let me outta here!
what the fuck!!!!!

watching the detectives
pump it up
lipstick vogue
mystery dance
the angels wanna wear my red shoes
i don’t want to go to chelsea!!!!
accidents will happen
radio radio
waiting for the end of the world
i’m not angry anymore
the first two albums
and a taste of armed
no action!

65 minutes
at least that’s
what i want to believe
and 65 minutes
is what i firmly believe
is the perfect
concert length
bruce springsteen
neil young
the weber brothers)

and this is what i remember
it was The Beat
(the song)
that played over and over in my head
why that song?
over and over
and all these years
over and over
it still plays
in my head
less than zero!

and this is what i know
steve nieve
taught me how to dance
he pogo/ed behind
the keys
and that’s what i did
(you belong to me!
forever steve/thank you!)
i copied his moves
to this day
i’m 45, i danced
3 hours last night
it’s always steve’s pogo

it was a mystery dance
until that night
in november
now it’s my dance

and this is what i remember
near the end of the show
elvis gestured
with his hand
roughly lewdly
grunting with his
thick brit accent
“come on!!!!”
and we stood up
some non/conformists
dared to rush
the stage

i will dare

see, we followed orders

ah, but the democracy
of the new wave
the punk rock
was about to explode

flash forward 2004

i saw elvis and steve again
it began
like a memory ghost
he played the great songs
and i was 15 again

they were so wide
their girth
my mirth
steve’s large posterior
glued to his seat
no more pogo/ing
elvis a balloon man
the goon squad!

and then it happened
accidents will happen
don’t they?
he played songs from
oh fuck, how boring
i thought
and after two of these
dreadful songs
someone yelled out,

diana kraaaaaall’s family
in the first row
oh my
why did you have to say
what i was thinking
what so many were thinking
be polite
ah fuck man
this is a democracy

speak the truth!

go ahead be a rude boy!

and on elvis went
over and over
on and on
on how they boo/ed
when he went electric

oh elvis
The Band was/is electric
and those booing people
complete music snobs
your songs
from north
are ut/ter/ly shhhhhhhite
don’t speak!
this is the last of the lipstick vogue!

the vibe was done

he was lost in the confused
anger of an old
overweight man
for 30 minutes

get to the slot machine
you say i’ve got no feelings!

see, if he had only played for
65 minutes
machine gun style
one song after another
just the beat

but you see
even that fat elvis
couldn’t take away
that night in november
by the way,
that was my very first

i still have my stub
if you think i’m a faker!
i’m not joking
i’m not just another mouth
i’m the last of the lip
sometimes i almost
feel like a human
it’s you!

thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
i love you!

(big tears!)

-eugene osudar, winnipeg 01/31/09

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Re: Elvis Costello Manitoba Playhouse 1978

Postby johnfoyle » Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:13 pm


One on one with Alan Cross

By Shaun Roncken

Dec 4, 2013


Shaun Roncken: You grew up in Manitoba?

Alan Cross: I did. A small town outside of Winnipeg called Stonewall, at the time, population about 2,200 people. My Dad was mayor for a while, and when I was growing up we had three TV channels – one of which was in French. There was no cable TV for years.

SR: How old were you when punk broke?

AC: That was ‘77, so I would be about 15. Right around the time you’re looking for anything to help you identify you from your peers. Up until that point it was all pretty mainstream stuff. It was really tough [to get access to punk]. Really really tough. I would read the Rolling Stone, Creem, Circus, and, occasionally, they would talk about these punk rock bands.

SR: But just a little bit, I’m guessing…

AC: That’s right. Just a little bit. But I remember I went to see Elvis Costello when he came to town. He played at a town hall called the Playhouse Theatre. It was this old vaudeville theatre – soft seating, that kind of stuff. So I went to the show, and Elvis comes on. What you have to remember is that at that time, security was often handled by a motorcycle gang called Los Bravos. So you had all these biker dudes taking care of crowd security. And Elvis comes on, and he starts playing, and there’s a lot of punk kids there and I was thinking, “Wow, this is kind of cool. I mean, I’ll never dress this way, but I like their attitude.” So he comes on, starts playing, and the kids rush up to the stage and start pogoing. And these bikers start picking up these kids and throwing them over the seats, tossing them out of the way and just being really really rough with them.

SR: What’s Elvis doing?

AC: Elvis is standing on the stage, and he turns around to the band and goes, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” And he looks down at the biggest, hairiest, greasiest biker – and he (Elvis) is wearing this powder blue suit, he’s this geeky guy with the glasses and the telecaster around his neck – and he looks at the smelliest, greasiest biker and says, “You pigshits leave my friends alone.” And that was it. That was the moment. If that guy, who looked like that, had the guts to take on that, I wanted to be with the guy on stage.

SR: He was still really skinny at the time, he had those Buddy Holly glasses…

AC: Yep. And the bikers laid off, let the kids dance, and for the rest of the night the bikers were on their best behavior. I met him years later and told him the story, he didn’t remember. But we had a really good conversation about it, and at the end I said, “If it wasn’t for that moment I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you.”

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Re: Elvis Costello Manitoba Playhouse 1978

Postby docinwestchester » Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:39 pm

^^^^Great story!

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