elvis, diana & the twins

Pretty self-explanatory
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girl out of time
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elvis, diana & the twins

Postby girl out of time » Thu May 31, 2007 10:36 am

hello you guys! it`s been quite a while since i last posted a topic in this forum.....i think these pics are something to look at.......

http://images.hellomagazine.com/news-in ... na-pic.jpg

http://celebritybabies.typepad.com/phot ... 12_cbb.jpg

http://celebritybabies.typepad.com/phot ... 16_cbb.jpg

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Postby pophead2k » Thu May 31, 2007 10:45 am

Thanks! And welcome back! That last pic finally shows us a very cute face.

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Postby scielle » Thu May 31, 2007 1:15 pm

And cuter still -


More (smoochy) tabloid photography here: http://www.newscom.com/GetLogin

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