Is Elvis your #1?

Pretty self-explanatory

Is Elvis Costello your favourite musician of all time?

Nope, there are others I'd put higher up
Total votes: 49

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Postby bobster » Sat Jan 21, 2006 8:44 pm

hollyh wrote:After that, John Hiatt, who has this great R & B voice and writes songs that are sheer poetry -- he and Nick have worked together often in the past -- when John started out in the early 1970s he was touted as "The American Elvis Costello" (a kiss of death) and they have a lot in common and you should all give him a listen too.

Actually, I used to call him "L.A.'s answer to Elvis Costello," but then he moved. Bastard. :D -- Where "hopelessly dated" is a compliment!

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