Oscar Peterson, Diana Krall and Elvis , 2005

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Re: Oscar Peterson dies at 82

Postby johnfoyle » Thu Jan 10, 2008 4:38 pm

Scielle posts to a Krall forum ; possible Elvis appearance?

There's a free tribute concert for Oscar on Toronto (Roy Thompson Hall) on Jan the 12th. Some suspect Diana might be there to perform (she played at the funeral), though I haven't heard anything official. Jeff Hamilton is playing. Also confirmed are Nancy Wilson, soprano Measha Brueggergosman, Monty Alexander, Governor General Michaelle Jean, and former premier of Ontario Bob Rae.

The concert will be broadcast live on CBC Radio 1 at 4pm EST, and CBC Radio 2 at 8pm EST (Jan. 12th). You can stream from the CBC website.. And for anyone in the Toronto area - it's a no-ticket event; first-come, first-serve. Roy Thompson Hall seats ~2000 I believe. Doors open at 3pm.

http://www.roythomson.com/eventInfo.cfm ... nth=2008,1


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Re: Oscar Peterson dies at 82

Postby scielle » Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:22 pm

Juno Awards were handed out last night.
Apparently, the Oscar Peterson tribute included Measha Brueggergosman singing When Summer Comes, with EC's lyrics.
Haven't actually seen the video since it's only available for streaming in Canada, but here's the link to the CTV video site (go to the Performances section)


By the way - next year's Junos - in Vancouver.
CTV likes to kill 2 birds with one stone by getting someone from their feature shows to host the awards - and by the time April '09 rolls around EC just might fit the bill. Here's hoping...

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Re: Oscar Peterson dies at 82

Postby sweetest punch » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:38 pm

http://www.mississauga.com/what's%20on/ ... s-the-show

Oscar's music steals the show

Oscar Peterson's music stole the show Saturday night at the first of five Toronto concerts being staged by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) to honour the late Mississauga jazz giant.
During a chat with long-time Peterson collaborator Dave Young that opened the second half of the show, RCM Chief Executive Officer Mervon Mehta asked Young why Peterson’s skills as a composer are not better known.
“At the end he played his own music almost exclusively,” said Young, a bassist who worked with Peterson on and off over 35 years. Young put the oversight down to the fact that Peterson was so good at interpreting the music of others that his own writing was inevitably overshadowed.
Entitled Oscar’s Songbooks, the concert at Koerner Hall highlighted the series of tributes to songwriters (Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Vincent Youmans, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington) that Peterson recorded from 1951-53 after he burst onto the jazz scene in New York.
Young's quintet used memorable Peterson arrangements as they played plenty of wonderful chestnuts from those catalogues. But it was Peterson’s own music, the core of the second set, that spoke most profoundly to his legacy.
For, while his virtuosity at the keys and his flawless technique are justly celebrated, the strength of his writing continues to be significantly undervalued.
The case for the musical defence was brilliantly executed on Peterson compositions by Young on bass, Robi Botos on piano, Kevin Turcotte on trumpet, Terry Clarke on drums and Reg Schwager on guitar.
Wheatland, the majestic sweeping portrait of the Prairies that Peterson painted on his famous Canadiana Suite album, opened the last half of the concert. By its conclusion, you could almost close your eyes and hear the rustle of the wind through the shimmering grain.
That was followed by the gentle When Summer Comes, which Young called one of Peterson’s many “memorable” works.
“Some of the ballads he wrote were just wonderful,” Young said.
Elvis Costello so enjoyed the tune that he put lyrics to it for his wife Diana Krall to sing to Peterson on his 80th birthday.
A little-heard three-part interpolation of a Bach suite by Peterson showed how two masters — separated by hundreds of years of time — can still collaborate brilliantly.
Although the musicians all shone, special mention must be made of Botos.
“Holding down the piano chair is not an easy task in this group,” Young chuckled in introducing him.
Botos didn’t try to imitate Peterson — as if anyone could — but he brought the same frenzied, driven, whole-body commitment to the playing of each note that so characterized the master.
Botos was deeply disappointed several years ago when he travelled to Mississauga’s Oscar Peterson Public School to play for his piano hero, only to discover Oscar was too sick to attend.
The concert series would not have been possible without the assistance of Peterson’s widow Kelly, Mehta said, explaining how she helped format the series. It will feature concerts highlighting Peterson’s solo work, his trios, his swing side and his blues streak.
Both Kelly Peterson and daughter Celine were among those who offered the performers a standing ovation.
The next concert in the series is dubbed Oscar Solo and will feature McToy Tyner. It takes place Saturday, Dec. 11 starting at 8 p.m. in Koerner Hall.
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Postby sweetest punch » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:28 pm

johnfoyle wrote:Scielle posted this on the Krall forum -

Here are the lyrics as published in Toronto Star:


(music by Oscar Peterson
new lyrics by Elvis Costello
played and sung yesterday by Diana Krall)

The land was white
While the winter moon was absent from the night
And the blackness only pierced by far off stars
But as every day still succeeds the darkest moments we have known
When seasons turn
Springtime colours will return
And as the first pale flowers of the lengthening hours
Seem to brighten the twilight and that melancholy cloak
Then a fresh perfume just seems to burst from each bloom
Until the green shoots through each day
As it arrives in every shade of hope
When summer comes
There will be a dream of peace
And a breath that I've held so long that I can barely release
Then perhaps I may even find a room somewhere
Just a place I can still speak to you

Finally a video of this emerges: http://youtu.be/1jyEG6uXLP4
Since you put me down, it seems i've been very gloomy. You may laugh but pretty girls look right through me.

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Re: Oscar Peterson dies at 82

Postby johnfoyle » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:19 pm

Oscar Peterson International Jazz Fest

Here's a #flashbackfriday that you may not have seen. #OscarPeterson with @DianaKrall and @ElvisCostello in Toronto for his 80th birthday celebrations at @hmvcanada with @canadapostcorp. Diana was in town to debut the lyrics Elvis wrote to OP's 'When Summer Comes.'

https://twitter.com/opjazzfest/status/1 ... 6094524418


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