Manchester report & setlist

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Manchester report & setlist

Postby johnfoyle » Sun Feb 20, 2005 5:32 pm

Stephen reports to listserv -

So, I get to see EC in the city where I first saw him some 25 years

Just under 2 hrs, 28 songs. EC & Imposters in fine form. Venue
(Bridgwater Hall) beautiful but a bit sterile for a rock concert. Crowd
subdued until last 30-40 mins - they stood up for I Can't Stand Up and stayed

The highlights were getting to hear BIG TEARS and KING HORSE again
after so long (thanks Elvis). Other highlights were Roses, Favorite Hour
and Love That Burns - these last two were the best songs of the night. I
really liked the stripped down version of WIWC#2 as well. Needle Time
(suprisingly) was one of the strongest of the Delivery Man songs.

Concert started at 7.35pm and finished at 9.30pm! In the "old" days he
would only have come on stage at around 9pm. Usual tour fare for sale
- hoodies and blue/white tees with "The Monkey Speaks His Mind Tour
2005", black tees with Delivery Man cover, mugs and programs.

Setlist below.




Big Tears
King Horse
Button My Lip
Country Darkness
Needle Time
Blame it on Cain
Either Side...
No Wonder
Kinder Murder
In the Darkest Place
Favorite Hour
You Turned to Me
Delivery Man
Monkey to Man
I Can't Stand Up....
There's a Story...
Pump it Up
Train, Train
Love That Burns
Oliver's Army
Scarlet Tide


' Train, Train' is , most likely , Mystery Train , the old Sun Records song Elvis did in Bristol last week.
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Postby Gilbert » Sun Feb 20, 2005 5:49 pm

I shouldn't be greedy after that great show at Edinburgh, but I would have loved to hear "King Horse", "Big Tears" and "I Can't Stand Up" last week.

And "God Give Me Strength", "High Fidelity" etc etc.

That man has written so many damn fine tunes!
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Postby mood swung » Sun Feb 20, 2005 6:05 pm

I did wonder if he was covering Molly Hatchet.
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Postby johnfoyle » Mon Feb 21, 2005 7:58 am ... _hall.html

Manchester Evening News
Feb. 21 '05

Elvis Costello & The Impostors @ Bridgewater Hall

Belinda Hanks

Elivs Costello

PUNK, classical, jazz and pop. Elvis Costello has touched on them all, but his latest album, The Delivery Man, has all been about country rock.

Joined by The Imposters, the veteran rocker strides on to stage promptly at 7.30pm and makes an energetic start: one sadly muffled by the immensity of The Bridgewater Hall.

It is a heartfelt rendition of ballad Country Darkness - from his current release - that sets the tone for the two-hour set. Pete Thomas (drums), Davey Faragher (bass) and Steve Nieve (keyboards) soar through a surging Needle Time and title track, The Delivery Man. And Costello - donning a black suit set off by a pair of shimmering silver shoes - begins to flaunt his harmonic mastery, making a brief return to his back catalogue to demonstrate the fragile melodicism of In the Darkest Place (from Painted From Memory) before a crowd pleasing Good Year For The Roses from his 1981, Almost Blue album.

Hecklers spur the ex-Stiff Records star into some much-needed interaction: "Go back to St Helens," he jokes, adding, "Who's from Eccles? (cheers) Bury? (more cheers)."

"Tonight the monkey will speak," shouts Costello, dramatically introducing Monkey To Man (an answer to New Orleans' legend Dave Bartholomew's 1950s hit The Monkey).

The crowd stand to receive an epic rendition of Pump It Up and Shipbuilding before Costello underlines the night with a tender rendition of The Scarlet Tide. With that, The Delivery Man is gone.

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EC in Manchester

Postby Mikeh » Mon Feb 21, 2005 11:50 am

Elvis was great last night but I don't think the audience deserve him! It took an age for them to get going, and I don't think the sterile Bridgewater Hall helped. It was great to hear him do No Wonder (a lovely song, much overlooked) and how many other artists could start a show with a B side? (Big Tears).
I still think much of the audience have only heard She and are stunned into silence by things like Uncomplicated!

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Postby Otis Westinghouse » Mon Feb 21, 2005 7:08 pm

Much as I loved Blue Chair as an opener at Hammersmith, Big Tears would have blown me away. Great setlist. I guess as he gets older, the audiences will get more subdued. Christ, this is one hell of a tour. Top of his game, or what? Can't wait to see him in May...
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Postby martinfoyle » Sat Apr 16, 2005 7:24 am

This show is now being torrented here.

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