That's How You Got Killed Before

Pretty self-explanatory
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That's How You Got Killed Before

Postby ice nine » Fri Nov 27, 2020 5:36 pm

Two weeks ago I started to listen my Elvis collection chronologically. I arrived at King of America and I am reminded of how good a song this is.
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Re: That's How You Got Killed Before

Postby migdd » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:14 pm

One of the greats from the Confederates period. Got to see EC and the Confederates perform it in Nashville in 1987. Great swinging rocker!

sulky lad
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Re: That's How You Got Killed Before

Postby sulky lad » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:22 pm

Yeah, loved The Confederates performances of this and so many other rolling songs. Benmont Tench was a real star for me on this tour,he really made the band swing, absolutely brilliant, like Paul Bryan's bass playing in the Allen Toussaint concerts here in the U.K. Both are amazing talents who have a true feel for rock'n'roll and making it swing!

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Re: That's How You Got Killed Before

Postby bronxapostle » Sat Nov 28, 2020 7:54 am

I got a good tale about this one. The 5 nights on Broadway 1986 were so immense. Night 2 was solo/Confederates. This song got its sixth ever outing that night, which helped bring the amazing tally to TWENTY THREE songs that i never saw played before, despite it being my 19th EC show that evening. The next night, was billed as CONFEDERATES, though he did a small solo set anyway in the middle. this one opened AND nearly closed the evening too, except for a gorgeous SLEEP OF THE JUST which sent us home. After those five shows, i still needed one more, so we did the Philly road trip for opening night the following Monday. Yes, 6 of 7 nights with EC which added up in my heart and mind to make COSTELLO SINGS AGAIN without a single doubt, the BEST RNR TOUR EVER; for me anyway. :D We even got to see Benmont Tench first ever EC show that Philly night. KILLED BEFORE featured just as night two Bdwy; next to last song of the show!! With all those obscure covers aired these nights, we didn't know what, if any of them, was original. All adding up to the great mystery of these shows. thanks to my taper friends, i was enjoying these shows all over again down the road. I did get another rare outing on this tune twenty years later. but, foggy memory, i must search the archives for just when. So, YES, A GREAT TRACK INDEED.

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