EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

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EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby Brodsky » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:00 pm

Really looking forward to this show at the Orpheum Theater. Just saw some of Elvis' old "collaborators", Squeeze, at The Wilbur Theater in Boston last night (while I'm up here on a bit of a vacation). After seeing Elvis in Wichita a couple of weeks ago, I'm getting a bit spoiled on seeing amazing shows.

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby Harry Lime » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:03 pm

Got a chance to see Squeeze last week in Newark. Fantastic show. The new album is pretty great too. The (English) Beat opened up for them. I was having serious flashbacks to 1982.

Bring on Imperial Bedroom!
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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby MOJO » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:43 pm

Squeeze rules! Saw them in SF end of Sept. and they were great. Crowd was a buzzkill probably because someone decided to make it a seated show. Weak! No one could fully bust the moves on the dance floor. Plus, it was on the heels of HSB weekend, so the draw may have been lighter. I had a great time however, despite the bridge and tunnel crowd.

Would be great to see Elvis & Imposters + Squeeze summer concert... Hell, add Nick Lowe in the mix. That would be a fun show.

Back to the original programming here. Later MOJO

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:58 am

I'd love a copy of the booklet with the drawings used on stage. Feel free to PM me and we can work out a arrangement for payment.

Maria's photo from Atlantic City - I want the booklet for $25


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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:10 am

Just posted on Elvis's Facebook page -


"A Portrait Of The Artist"

Souvenir book of daubs by Eamonn Singer (AKA E.C.) available at all "Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers" dates.

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:23 pm

Dennis's photo , via f/book -


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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby docinwestchester » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:10 pm ... 1350654978

Gerry Hassan ‏@GerryHassan 11 minutes ago
Superb #ElvisCostello gig at Orpheum Theatre, Boston: Elvis: "I am thinking of announcing my candidature."


Moderator comment by John Foyle -

Originally posted by Craig Semon - ... 4357376000

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby And No Coffee Table » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:34 pm ... -25_Boston

01. The Town Where Time Stood Still
02. The Loved Ones
03. Lipstick Vogue
04. ...And In Every Home
05. You Little Fool
06. You Tripped At Every Step
07. Accidents Will Happen
08. You'll Never Be A Man
09. Tears Before Bedtime
10. Moods For Moderns
11. Shabby Doll
12. Green Shirt
13. Human Hands
14. Watching The Detectives
15. Kid About It
16. Pidgin English
17. Alison
18. Shot With His Own Gun
19. Almost Blue
20. This House Is Empty Now
21. The Long Honeymoon
22. Seconds Of Pleasure
23. Party Girl
24. Beyond Belief
25. Man Out Of Time
26. Town Cryer
27. Everyday I Write The Book
28. Blood & Hot Sauce
29. A Face In The Crowd
30. Pump It Up
31. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby verbal gymnastics » Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:41 am

Looking at the great setlist, it looks like the shows are now coming to life 8)
It’s such a shame you had to break the heart you could have counted on

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:05 am

Gareth posts on f/book -

So our last night in Boston, Massachusetts, New England and the USA for this year and we had Mr McManus to play us on our way. Although we are regular visitors across the Atlantic we have never been to any large gigs before, just some small bar bands.

We were struck first of all by how much older the crowd seemed here, at home EC seems to have crossed the generations, certainly amongst those with family connections. Having said that, those crowds can be quite reserved in comparison and it can take a few songs and certain songs to get them on their feet, whereas tonight, everyone was on their feet from song one, although they were up and down all evening. (more of that later)
Opening with the comparatively unknown“The Town Where Time Stood Still” was a typical daring EC move but I was incredibly pleased to get the song with my favourite verse "The Loved Ones" followed swiftly by perhaps one of my favourite "band" songs in Lipstick Vogue, a song I thought I would never hear live again and which in my opinion is the greatest the Attractions ever sounded on record. The Impostors were not to be outdone and put in a superb live version which had the crowd in raptures.

Compared to some of his recent gigs there was a lot less story telling, the last two gigs almost seemed to be showcases for his autobiography with the number of stories he told. He did manage to get his usual "alcohol gag" in and explain that this tour was not a retro thing, more that his songs now match the life experiences of his audience!

I felt that there were a couple of songs that he tried to rework, where he almost lost the rhythm of the band and had to speed up to catch up, but nothing that ruined the night. I liked the version of "Tears before Bedtime".

I maybe reading too much into this, but I thought I detected a pointed dig at Mr Trump in "Man Out Of Time" a very slight change of emphasis by singing "He's got a mind like a sewer and a heart like a fridge, he stands to be insulted and YOU pay for the privilege"

"Alison" was beautifully delivered, this is always an emotional song for Sharon and I as we named our daughter after this song, but maybe it's because we have been away from her for 2 weeks that we both had a few tears in ours tonight.

I didn't know the couple of songs that he started his encore with and to be honest by then I was getting a little distracted by the people leaving early, most of whom were the same people who seemed to think it was OK to pop in and out to get beer and chips every 4 or 5 songs, sorry if this is you but I just don't get why you would spend so much on a ticket and then not try to get every pennys worth.

To me it was one of the best of his gigs that I have attended, but then they are all pretty special to me.

Kudos to whomever it was who managed to smoke some weed a couple of times during the evening, next time pass it around

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:39 am

missmelivaldez One day i got booked for a gig for a legend i had no idea who he was. Showed up to soundcheck, then got booked for a world tour and quit my job, needless to say this man gave me an opportunity of a lifetime and i will forever be grateful. Its an honor. Years later i can still call all of them family! #elviscostello #reunion #elviscostelloandtheimposters


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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:19 am ... -2016.html

Elvis Costello and The Imposters, Orpheum Theater Boston, Tuesday October 25th, 2016

by Helen Bach

October 26, 2016

Elvis Costello. There’s a name we’ve heard a lot about lately Last year at this time he was peddling his book “Unfaithful Music, Invisible Ink”. Doing Q&A’s from coast to coast offering anecdotes on his life, his family, his history and at age 60 he spoke like a man with nothing to lose.

Suddenly out of nowhere New Waves bad boy was on shows like CBS Sunday Morning, what the actual hell happed to the angry Elvis? Well that’s easy enough, ‘he’s not angry anymore’

Nor should he be. Successful enough to do as he pleases he has had his own TV show, throws down oddball out of left field tours in tiny venues. His fans will follow him wherever he may go. From his pockmarked early days to his rounder middle aged to the new, hat wearing fit- Costello endures.

There have been many reports that the old bloke’s voice is on its way out. Tuesday night at The Orpheum Theater in Boston, he proved those people have no auditory skill. Everyone imagines the first thing to go is the range- but I think tonight Mr. Costello showed he’s not degenerating yet.

The Imperial Bedroom and Other Chambers tour is on its third stop. A set list with some pretty interesting change ups and in the cavern of filth as I like to refer to the Orpheum. Elvis took us on a journey to what I consider one of his very best albums. With some added bonuses.

But there is a different element involved this go round. I sorted it out that this was my 11th time seeing Costello and there was something just not sitting right. Gone is that shy smile, you know the one I mean the ‘aw shucks’ sort of private joke smile he so often flashed. Gone is the scowl. Gone is that angst and in its place? Well, try as I may the only descriptive I can come up with is.. Bruce Springsteen.

Elvis Costello is making the grand guitar neck grabbing gestures of an arena rock god. I have never seen his pelvis more active. I have never seen him sans tie… and with a gold chain peeking from his chest hairs, wait who is this guy? In gigs past Elvis had no sexual prowess, but at the Orpheum he morphed into Elvis the Pelvis and well .. I’m not complaining.

Tuesday night with the assistance of Steve Naive, and Pete Thomas original Attractions the old trio hopped on through Imperial Bedroom and some hits for the fans. I always become slightly miffed when the crowd goes insane for mediocrity. The good news is “Accidents Will Happen” had Elvis’ voice giving me chills and despite the dim wit behind me loudly proclaiming that “Almost Blue” was (and I quote him) ‘ a standard from the 40’s’, the tempos got slowed down, bringing a softer element that I think was supposed to be sultry- it just didn’t work as such. The songs were gorgeous, but sultry? Nah.

Highlight “Party Girl”. and the encores “Beyond Belief”

Low Lights? That tired version of “Shabby Doll”, coulda done better. That and the fact that he called the Orpheum the Palace twice. (Costello plays the Albany Palace Theater tonight) I am honored and excited to see Elvis again in Connecticut on November 5th. I am hoping again for the pelvis action, but if I can make a gentle plea for a bit more awkward and a bit less thrust? Little fool little fool…

Grade B+ with a stiffy

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:50 pm ... um=twitter

Forever a Showman, It’s Never a Dull Evening With Elvis Costello

By Bill Janovitz


Before Tuesday night it had been a while since I’d seen Elvis Costello in concert. I won’t test your patience with “back in the day” stories, I have only a few, and the first show was not until the spring of 1984, when he performed solo (just the man, his guitars and a keyboard) at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. I was 17.

A few months later, I got to see him with the legendary Attractions. By then I was a full man of 18 and fully in the thrall of all of his records; buying Imperial Bedroom when it was released in 1982 was probably like a junior in high school in 1966 buying Blonde on Blonde. Or perhaps like the teenage Declan McManus, young Elvis Costello himself, who was disappointed with the Beatles’ Rubber Soul upon its release in 1965, as Costello confesses in the new Ron Howard film, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week—the Touring Years.

Like Costello expecting more sterling and shimmering rock ‘n roll gems from his heroes, we Costello fans rushed out to buy the newest album by the master of acerbic and economic punches of punk-propelled pop brilliance displayed on five of his previous six albums.

The immediate predecessor, Almost Blue (1981), had already indicated newer, more “mature” potential directions. But that was an album of country covers and spinning the opening track of Imperial Bedroom, “Beyond Belied,” we were confronted with a dense and challenging production of Costello mixing his sleepy delivery with an almost speed-freakish verbosity: “History repeats the old conceits/The glib replies, the same defeats/Keep your finger on important issues/With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues.”

Drawn as I was to a song that was like overhearing the drunken pillow talk of adults in the next room, my patience paid off by the time of the resounding refrain, “I’ve got a feeling/I’m going to get a lot of grief/Once this seemed so appealing/Now I am beyond belief.” And the rest of the record, though it took a few spins, soon revealed itself to be a masterpiece and a lasting one at that.

Since it had been so long since seeing Costello perform with his band—now called the Imposters but consisting of 2/3 of the Attractions, keyboardist Steve Nieve and drummer, Pete Thomas—a tour billed as “Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers” was more than enough to lure me out on Tuesday night at the Orpheum Theater in Boston.

By the time he got to “Beyond Belief”, it was more than 75 percent through the show, a set that had started wobbly, with a horrid front-of-house mix and acute vocal pitch issues. Costello’s voice was noticeably hoarse, probably from the preceding performances on the tour, and he seemed to struggle down in his lower, crooning register, consistently flat, as if he could not properly hear himself.

How many of us can recall a single bum note from this singular singer, never mind the entirety of the first half dozen songs in a set? Add to that that Costello was singing significantly behind the beat consistently, either by design a-la swingin’-at-the Sands Sinatra, or to keep up with what seemed to be the lyrics on a music stand in front of him, or both, and there were more than a few concerned glances among audience members. Comparing notes with friends who were scattered throughout the theater, the take was the same: oh no, this sounds just plain bad.

But in what is probably the best comeback within one set that I have witnessed, something clicked around the seventh song (31 were played in all) and Costello seemed to awake, throw caution to the wind, loosen up, and fell in sync with his superior band (rounded out by ace bassist Danny Faragher, and the very-welcome, spot-on backing singers Kitten Kuroi and YahZarah), and just started belting it.

Sure, pitch issues remained, notably on “Almost Blue” (one woman near us wonder if he was singing somewhat flat here on purpose because of, you know, “jazz”). And while the mix continued bumbling along, it improved dramatically from the first few songs when it seemed possible that some instrument/amp microphones were actually accidentally muted and the only things that could be heard clearly were bass, drums and lead vocals.

While Costello has never been revered by many guitarists for his tone, Tuesday night was almost painfully shrill and almost completely indistinct from start to finish, with notable exceptions during ballads, solo/duo numbers, and acoustic parts.

But once it all came together, the show kicked with stellar performances and inspired and inventive arrangements.

How many times can the guy wring emotion out of the classic “Allison”? I have never heard the guy mail that one in and Tuesday night was a new apex.

Stepping out to the lip of the stage, flanked by his two backing singers sharing one antique carbon broadcast microphone with him, Costello, pro that he is, used his hoarse vocal to his advantage, projecting a bruised vulnerability, while supported in three-part harmony with the backing vocalists, enveloping the intimate theater like a warm old sweater—particularly welcome on the first cold night of the season in Boston.

The first standout of the set was “Lipstick Vogue,” though not quite at the amphetamine-fueled tempo heard on the fantastic El Mocambo live recording of 1978, a relatively rare treat nevertheless. And there was a brilliant re-reading of “Tears Before Bedtime,” which was slowed down to an intense, almost Ray Charles “Lonely Avenue” arrangement, a show stopper.

Seeing Costello now, that once button-pushing enfant terrible and always the provocative music adventurer, means an increasing amount of nostalgia manages to creep in for his audience, even as he literally tried to proactively protest otherwise from stage, noting that the tour was about the “here and now” and how the continuum of music—his and that of others—is not something trapped in amber, but relevant and vital.

While no one appreciates a good new live take on old chestnuts more than me, neither is anyone more likely to fully welcome the visceral emotional past rolling in like rip tide—and “Human Hands” knocked me back cold. With its soaring melody and killer lines, you can see why the ladies love him: “Every time I put my foot in my mouth and you begin to doubt that it’s you that I’m dreaming about/Do I have to draw you a diagram?”

Periodically throughout the night, I watched this stylish lady a row or two ahead grab her dud of a husband (presumably) by the arm and sing almost every line of every song while he begrudgingly stood up with her but seemingly could not wait to sit back down. Watching people my age (50) and older around me brought back to a time when these records meant so much to them was part of the joy in being there for this show.

There was a portly guy who could not have been younger than 65 at best, looked like a retired small town police chief, who knew every word of “Man Out of Time,” which you’ll recall has lines like “He’s a two-penny ha’-penny millionaire looking for a four-penny one,” and an all-time fave, “Love is always scarpering or cowering or fawning/You drink yourself insensitive and hate yourself in the morning.” But neither roll off the tongue.

Costello, not content to rest on such past highlights, unveiled two blistering new songs from what will be a musical based on the Budd Schulberg/Elia Kazan classic film A Face in the Crowd, which starred a young Andy Griffith as a con man demagogue. Now, what could be more relevant than that?

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby MOJO » Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:17 pm

Lots of talk about bad sound/mixing. Hmmm.. Maybe it's worth looking for a new or additional sound engineers?

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby sulky lad » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:55 am

Looks like Elvis has dug out the Gibson ES 365, which hasn't been seen (IINM) since the 1982 tour. I know he played a 12 string version during the Rude Five years for the combination of Red Shoes and You Bowed Down ( the Byrd tribute section of the shows) but I don't recall seeing that guitar since then. I've got an Aria copy but if Elvis isn't going to use it after this tour, I promise to look after it very carefully :wink:

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:29 am ... um=twitter

Elvis Costello & The Imposters en Boston: Una clase magistral de rock&roll

Octubre 27, 2016No

Por: Bernardita Ponce

Llegamos al Orpheum Theater de Boston, lugar que ha recibido a artistas de diversos estilos musicales en más de 50 años, para ver la presentación del Sr. Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus más conocido como Elvis Costello, quien se presentaba con su banda The Imposters. El acogedor lugar, en su capacidad máxima, era perfecto para escuchar a uno de los grandes del rock.

Dentro del diverso espectro sonoro de fines de los 70´s en Reino Unido y tras el estallido del punk británico, Elvis Costello, se destacó como un excelente escritor de canciones, cuyas composiciones paseaban entre el punk y el new wave, a los cuales fue incluyendo sonidos como el country, el jazz, el blues, el reggae, el soul, el pop y el folk. Al comienzo de su carrera cambió su nombre a Elvis Costello como referencia el nombre del rey del rock Elvis Presley a quien sumó el apellido de su abuela materna. Desde sus comienzos formó varias bandas los cuales acompañaron su carrera, en diversos paisajes de su historia, como: Clover, The Attractions, The Confederates y The Imposters. Además, ha colaborado con artistas como Paul McCartney, con quien inclusive ha hecho canciones y discos.

Este artista, que ha vivido en Estados Unidos durante las últimas tres décadas y su acento de inglés casi ha sido disuelto por uno americano, ha logrado mantener viva las raíces del folk, el soul, el rock y el pop. Eso al menos se puede apreciar en las múltiples placas que ha lanzado a lo largo de su trayectoria. Ante tan largo historial, la noche esperaba ser una de esas que se recuerdan como maravillosas. El show comenzó, a eso de las 20:15 hrs., con el tema “The Town Where Time Stood Still” del disco “Punch the Clock” del año 83, suaves sonidos new wave/folk daban la antesala de la velada.

La noche continuaba con “The Loved Ones” del clásico disco “Imperial Bedroom” junto a The Attractions y “Lipstick Vogue” de su disco solista del año ´78 “This Year’s Model”. Temas que han sido parte del cancionero clásico del artista al cual se sumaron “You Little Fool” del disco “Imperial Bedroom”, “Alison” del disco “My Aim Is True” y “Accidents Will Happen” del disco “Armed Forces”. En total 31 canciones, presentadas en un elegante escenario, que nos permiten apreciar la importancia que tienen sus composiciones a lo largo de la historia.

Las dos horas 30 minutos fueron excelentes para ver un show de una calidad majestuosa, donde Costello demostró que su música está a la vanguardia y que los años lo único que han hecho es ponerlo a él como uno de los maestros del rock & roll. Muchos paisajes de la noche, me hicieron recordar las presentaciones de Bruce Springsteen en el escenario, pero a un nivel más de teatro o salón, llenando espacios sonoros con una banda más pequeña que la de su colega norteamericano. Sin embargo, tanto Springsteen como Costello han sabido demostrar que las letras y la energía que tienen con el público los hacen ser unos grandes. De esos que tú dices, este show valió la pena ver y lo recordaré por siempre. Eso es Elvis Costello, una la leyenda viva.

Google translation -

Elvis Costello & The Imposters in Boston: A master class of rock & roll

October 27, 2016No

By: Bernadette Ponce

We arrived at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, a place that has hosted artists from different musical styles in more than 50 years to see the presentation of Mr. Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus aka Elvis Costello, who appeared with his band The Imposters. The cozy, at full capacity, was perfect to listen to one of the greats of rock.

Within the diverse sound spectrum of the late 70's in the UK and after the outbreak of the British punk, Elvis Costello, he was highlighted as an excellent songwriter whose compositions walked between punk and new wave, to which was including sounds like country, jazz, blues, reggae, soul, pop and folk. At the beginning of his career he changed his name to Elvis Costello reference the name of the King of Rock Elvis Presley whom he added the surname of his maternal grandmother. Since its inception formed several bands which accompanied his career, diverse landscapes of its history, including: Clover, The Attractions, The Confederates and The Imposters. In addition, he has collaborated with artists such as Paul McCartney, with whom he has even made songs and records.

This artist, who has lived in the United States during the past three decades and his English accent almost been dissolved by American one has managed to keep the roots of folk, soul, rock and pop live. That at least can be seen in the multiple plates that launched along its path. Faced with such a long history, the night expected to be one of those that are remembered as wonderful. The show started at about 20:15 hrs., With the theme "The Town Where Time Stood Still" from the album "Punch the Clock" of the year 83, soft sounds new wave / folk gave the prelude to the evening.

The evening continued with "The Loved Ones" classic album "Imperial Bedroom" along with The Attractions and "Lipstick Vogue" from his solo album of the year '78 "This Year's Model". Issues that have been part of the classic songs of the artist to whom "You Little Fool" from the album "Imperial Bedroom", "Alison" from the album "My Aim Is True" and "Accidents Will Happen" from the album "Armed Forces" were added. In total 31 songs, presented in an elegant setting, allowing us to appreciate the importance of his compositions throughout history.

The two hours 30 minutes were excellent to see a show of a majestic quality, where Costello proved that his music is at the forefront and that the years all they have done is put him as one of the masters of rock & roll. Many landscapes of the night reminded me of Bruce Springsteen presentations on stage, but at a level more than theater or living room, filling sound spaces with a smaller than his American colleague band. However, both Springsteen and Costello have managed to prove that the letters and the energy they have with the public make them be a department. Of those that you say, this show was worth seeing and I'll remember forever. Elvis Costello That's a living legend.

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Re: EC & the Imposters, Imperial Bedroom Tour, Boston, October 25, 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:18 am

Photo by Dennis White, via Facebook


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