Elvis plays Zurich, June 1st 2016

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Re: Elvis plays Zurich, June 1st 2016

Postby johnfoyle » Sat Jun 04, 2016 4:33 pm


As I said before , a interesting & rewarding show. It was good to see Elvis in confident form, singing new songs that have come on leaps & bounds since Warwick. Given the timeliness of said songs content I still tend to the theory that they will be recorded & released pretty soon. Given the long lead in time for a stage production of whatever kind I can't see them still being timely in , say , a year.

Elvis's site linked a blog that detailed the songs. I thought that meant the songs were good for general circulation. Clips I posted on youtube ( and were briefly linked on this forum) drew a rapid ( literally within hours) demand from Elvis's lawyers to be taken down. That was, of course , done. That reinforces my hunch about a quick release.

Even though I was right in front of Elvis I was rather discreet with my 'phone camera. It's all black, I usually photo , no flash , from chest level . No ushers came near me. The bloke next to recorded stuff with a digital camera ,telescope lenses etc.. He also laughed like a girl all the time, at even the most banal lines - I thought he might wet himself during the Blackpool story.

Elvis sounded raspy every now and then , spitting to the side like a footballer at one point. It wasn't a full on, stage centre gob. After getting through Shipbuilding , seated at the piano, which he gasped through in a series of minor keys ( it worked wonders for redefining the tragic aspects of the song's message) , Elvis nodded at the applause and spat rather discretely behind a stage monitor. A small detail, but a telling indication of the full on, physicality of Elvis engagement with the show. As I said, the new songs have shaped up well since Warwick, something the Lovell sisters agreed about when I talked with (at?) them at the interval. The audience were attentive & appreciative, laughing loudly at the stories and clapping along at the slightest urge - Elvis even having to prompt them to 'take it down a bit' during TV Is The Thing. The hall was a real time piece, the smell reminding me and Steve ( aka @ecsongbysong on Twitter) immediately of school halls. The sound was excellent.

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