Pump It Up in TV Commercial for MasterFoods

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Pump It Up in TV Commercial for MasterFoods

Postby sweetest punch » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:21 pm

https://www.bandt.com.au/masterfoods-ca ... ms-sydney/

MasterFoods calls on home cooks to ‘go rogue’ in wonderfully fun dance number via Clems Sydney

MasterFoods has launched its new brand platform, encouraging home cooks to ‘Go Rogue with Flavour’ in a fun new spot via Clems Sydney.

As Australia emerges from the COVID-19 cocoon, MasterFoods aims to inspire weary iso-cooks to stay in the kitchen and add some fun back into cooking by spicing up mundane meals with MasterFoods herbs, spices, recipe bases, sauces and condiments

The TVC, which was created by Clemenger Sydney together with award-winning director Fiona McGee, depicts a father cooking dinner for his family, when suddenly he banishes his cooking boredom and expands his flavour horizons by ‘going rogue’ with herbs and spices.

Renowned choreographers Rowena and Joel Rasmussen, who have worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Kelly Rowland, bring this to life through an amusing all-in family interpretive dance routine to Elvis Costello’s ‘Pump it Up’.

Clemenger BBDO Sydney executive creative director Darren Wright said: “When you’re cooking meals for you and your family week in and week out, it’s easy to get stuck in a culinary rut. With ‘Go Rogue with Flavour’ we wanted to show people it only takes a little twist of something here, a pinch of flavour there, to turn mid-week mediocrity into something a bit more magic.”

Bronwyn Powell, marketing director at Mars Food Australia, the manufacturer of MasterFoods, said the company hopes the new platform will inspire Australians to continue the positive home cooking habits they’ve developed during isolation.

“As a dinner brand founded on herbs and spices nearly 75 years ago, flavour is our bread and butter. We know that great flavours can bring people together,” said Powell.

“We also know from research we did before COVID-19, that the average Australian has a repertoire of 10-12 go-to dishes they would regularly cook. After months of isolation, many of us are feeling a little weary when it comes to thinking of how to spice up tonight’s dinner.

“Nine out of 10 Aussie pantries and fridges have Masterfoods products in them so our campaign is about giving Aussies the confidence to be a bit braver in the kitchen, spice it up, and go rogue with the flavours they have in their kitchens,” she added.
Music: Elvis Costello ‘Pump it Up’ covered by Dan Luscombe. Music Supervision – Level 2


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